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Easy tips for choosing a bra

Getting your bra fit is the first and most important step for comfort and good support. Leave the rest, then! Therefore, we bring you a simple guide to make sure you get the perfect fitted bra.

Inshine’s guide to putting on a bra the right way!

Step 1:
Put the band of the bra around your ribcage. Some people prefer to fasten the hooks at the front at rotate them to the back, while others are able to do them behind their backs, How you do this is not important.
Step 2:
Now, bend forward and place the straps over your shoulders. Guide your breasts in to the cups. The straps should not be too tight at this point. If they are, loosen them up.
Step 3:
Whilst bent forward with your hands gather all of the breast and the tissue, (note: some people have to get under the arm and towards the back!) pull it forward and into the cup. Most of us have tissue which has migrated away from the breasts to those areas, when the breasts were squashed by the wrong size bras.
Step 4:
Stand up straight and have a look. Your breasts should feel secure but not tight and uncomfortable. If after this step you breasts are spilling out of the cup OR there is a gap between your breast and the cup, then you are wearing the wrong size! Now you can tighten the straps. Don't tighten them so that they are pulling on your shoulders, just tight enough so that there isn't any slack and there is a slight bit of tension.

Remember to check on item description for more specific information on the fit of this item.

Simply email hi@inshine.me for help on any questions with regards to sizing and fits.